Welcome to XenoBeta.com, a fan site for the sci-fi cooperative board game Galaxy Defenders! If you enjoy pulp science fiction of the 1980's and 90's, tactical gameplay in the tradition of XCOM, and board games with characters who grow and improve as you play then you'll love Galaxy Defenders.

However, an agent is only as good as her tools! And this is where XenoBeta.com comes in. Originally part of the alien invasion, one Xeno-Beta decided it liked the scrappy little natives of Earth and rather than face continual abuse at the hands of its fellow invaders over its human infatuation it decided to slip out while the Xeno-Greys were indisposed and hide out in the desert around the Galaxy Defenders headquarters.

Soon enough, Xeno-Beta made contact with the occasionally bumbling Intern Agent Skaak, and the rest is history! Xeno-Beta is hard at work cooking up useful tools, and the newly-appointed Official Xeno-Beta Liaison Skaak handles public relations. (Hi there, public!)

If you have any feedback, suggestions, or problems let me know!